When we sit down and think about where this year went, we don't have an immediate answer. It truly flew by faster than any other! Amidst the craziness of bouncing around the midwest to photograph weddings & engagements, we also had some pretty awesome milestones in our personal lives!! Parker James joined our little family on Valentine's Day and he has since been the source of 90% of our smiles! Not long after we became puppy parents, we decided that our little man needed a house! After years of searching for the perfect one, we purchased our first home at the very beginning of wedding season in May. Upon further review, this may not have been the most ideal time to move and make our new house a home, but we wouldn't have it any other way!! We tend to dive in head first and follow our hearts without looking back -- that is exactly how we decided to take our photography business full-time four years ago, and apparently how we make all major life decisions ;)

We also tend to pour our hearts into our photography. The connections we make with the remarkable couples who come our way make it especially easy to get wrapped up in the emotions of their day and be completely invested in them! This year brought so much clarity and change into the way we are photographing weddings, engagements and portraits alike. Falling in love with film all over again has revolutionized our hearts and our business, and for this we couldn't possibly be more grateful!! 2012 really was a giant leap for us, our business, and our little family of three. The relationships & friendships we've made this year alone make us feel absolutely blessed to do what we do, and we cannot even wait to see all of the goodness that 2013 has lined up!!!!

With SO Much Love | K&B

// Film: Fuji Pro 400H & Portra 400 // Camera: Contax 645, Hasselblad 500cm & Nikon F100 //