"Enchanted Barn Wedding"

JUST PLAIN THANKFUL by Kelsy & Butch McCartney

Amidst the craziness of our day-to-day life and constant efforts to grow both personally and in our business, it is easy to get so caught up that we don't slow down and recognize how amazing right now truly is. On a typical weekday morning we wake up around 7:30/8am, take Parker out, share a pot of coffee, respond to sweet client emails, prepare print orders, cull/edit our latest portrait session or wedding, design wedding albums, prepare + send out lovely packages to our clients, meet with newly engaged brides & grooms to-be, share images on our blog + social media, connect with our favorite wedding vendors, reach out to high school seniors, and of course sneak in a trip to Starbucks for our daily fix among all of these things... because, you know, that is a must in order to make our way through to-do lists. ;) But in between those check marks and exclamation points (yes, these lists are sprinkled with !!!), our days are also filled with some of my favorite moments: quality time spent with our puppy, smooches & tickle tortures with my hunny, non-stop smiling at the computer because I am so inspired by our clients and excited about the images we create together, listening to Butch sing along with every other song playing on Spotify, and watching over downtown Wausau from our new studio (which we have still yet to officially announce!).

The little things are not just highlights of any given day, but our favorite moments and the ones we are especially thankful for! This, in combination with our pure excitement for the incredible clients we have the honor of working with, is what inspires us and makes us want to create images that reflect couples in their natural state, energetic high school seniors, and wedding day moments that if uncaptured risk being lost forever. In both our personal lives and in our photography, this is what we shoot for -- unscripted out-takes filled with genuine emotion!

On that note, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane back to 2010 to share some of our favorite moments from Jody & Chris' University Club wedding in St Paul. We would love to hear what your favorite moments are... feel free to share :)

Love | K&B


Kelsey & Dave's effortlessly perfect wedding at the Enchanted Barn was the kind of day a photographer (or any vendor, really...) dreams about!! These two brought 110% of themselves into their wedding style and created a fun, casual, backyard barn celebration for all of their guests to enjoy. We are SO excited that Jocey & Amy of the Wedding Chicks felt the same way and decided to feature Kelsey & Dave's wedding today! We hope you'll head over to their lovely site and take a peek at all of the vintage goodness and adorable moments that made Kelsey and Dave's wedding day so awesome!! Feel free to leave them a little love while you're there :) Love | K&B

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CAUGHT UP IN AN IMAGE by Kelsy & Butch McCartney

It's funny how the schedule of a wedding photographer plays out. Of course some months are busier than others. You can go from 110 mph to about 30 mph in a matter of two months. You fall in love with the personalities & stories of so many incredible individuals & couples... And then a few months later (or in this case 6 months later - gosh time flies!) you come across a particular image that, looking back, speaks volumes to the two of them and the way they love each other. Happy weekend, friends! We hope you stay warm :)

Love // K&B

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MEET THE MCCARTNEYS! by Kelsy & Butch McCartney

Today we are absolutely beaming and beyond thrilled to announce a rebranding for The McCartneys Photography! This is a little something that has been MONTHS in the making, and not being able to share has been so hard! But the process has been exciting, uplifting and very motivating! Website. Brand. Collateral. Blog. It's all new!! And it's all us! Backing things up a little bit... After Butch proposed (Christmas 2007!) we started thinking about what we wanted our wedding to look like, and we knew that we wanted to have an elegant yet cozy feel in all of the collateral. We asked a huge favor of Butch's sister Stevi and she designed all of our wedding collateral (save the dates, invitations, you name it)! We loved her design SO much that we carried elements of that over into our previous branding, and it left us with a look that we felt very connected to... A brand that fit us well for the first few years once we took our business full-time... A brand that grew and evolved with us and had such special meaning to us and to our marriage :)

Fast forward to today... We were ready for a change. As we have grown in our business, we found ourselves ready for a look that was a bit more polished and powerful, while still maintaning the organic & approachable feel of our previous brand. Who else to turn to than the one person who knows us inside & out and is incredibly gifted in all elements of graphic design -- our sister Stevi! While walking us through the entire process she created a look for us that is clean, complete, and 100% us. From our logo down to envelopes and our product packaging, we feel whole and are just giddy over the final product. We could not be more excited to present to you the new look of The McCartneys Photography!! Thank you so much for taking a peek :D

Love // K&B