Gold, red & blue. Charming Milwaukee streets. Sparkle as far as the eye could see. Guests that had traveled to Wisconsin from all around the country (& beyond) to celebrate the cutest couple imaginable! These words don't come close to describing how incredible Jess & Dom's wedding day was!!

The moment we arrived, Jess was a bundle of energy and nothing but GIANT smiles. Surrounded by her lovely bridesmaids all wearing monogramed "getting ready" shirts, they chatted, laughed, and had their makeup done in a plush suite at The Pfister Hotel. After a beautiful ceremony at The Cathedral of St. John, Jess & Dom joyfully exited the church through an Arch of Swords provided by Dom's Marine friends on sword detail - such a grand moment!

The feeling of romance grew exponentially throughout the day. Rain filled the skies, and we were so thankful when it took a most timely pause just as Jess, Dom and their wedding party gathered between a line of trees. A scene that was as grand as Jess & Dom's hearts are big! When we arrived at the Pfister we took one more walk through the city just as the street lights were starting to take over. Traffic paused while Dom escorted his beautiful new bride across the street, and we almost felt like just watching them - it was truly a movie scene from the early 20th century!! Our hearts were so full while taking pictures of these two. :)

Just like every part of Jess & Dom's wedding day leading up to this point, their reception was grand. The warmth of the Pfister along with the magical touch of Janelle from Événement Planning was simply perfect. Seeing Jess & Dom in the balcony as their guests entered -- they had Christmas morning written all over their faces!! With dancing in between each course, great toasts, cheers, and laughter, the celebratory spirit of all of their guests filled the ballroom and then some! We feel truly honored to have captured every moment of this beautiful fête!

Love | Kelsy & Butch

PS! We had the opportunity to do a fun little experiment and would like to share. During Jess & Dom's wedding we brought along an extra 35mm camera, loaded it up with Delta 3200, and spread one roll out over the entire day. Come see Jess & Dom's Pfister wedding on one roll of film! :)