web-Holiday-Front Goodness! It seems like we were just gathered around the table with family celebrating Thanksgiving, and it's already CHRISTMAS EVE!! Even if this year's countdown to Christmas might have been the fastest of all time, we're hoping to slow down enough over the next five days to soak in every belly laugh, conversation, and bear hug that comes our way! :)

On this Christmas Eve morning, our hearts are so full! Holiday tunes are pumping out of the record player, we've been able to wish so many friends a Merry Christmas in PERSON over the last few weeks, and we are smiling from ear to ear over here!

Wishing you a holiday celebration overflowing with laughter, cheer, and memorable moments with the ones you love most!!

Love | Kelsy & Butch (and Parker the Peanut)


images of our little family of three captured by our dear friend laura ivanova