When Matt & Katie landed in Wisconsin, we couldn't believe it. Even more crazy, we got to play host to them for a week!! After their workshop in Wausau we had a bit of downtime and wanted to show M&K some of Wisconsin's beauty, so we headed to the Dells of Eau Claire park and explored the area together! The four of us (five really, because Parker came too!) had the most relaxing time hanging out on the rocks on a gorgeous afternoon. Being that we were a couple photographers in a beautiful park, of course cameras were involved! We ended up photographing each other, and ever since we got this film back (we're talking two months ago!) we have been just dying to share!! Matt and Katie are super adorable together and their love for one another is such an inspiration! It's not often that we get to have so much quality time with another husband/wife team who spends nearly every moment together and still maintains as much love for one another as they did on their wedding day! We felt like we could truly relate to M&K on so many levels, and it was just an absolute joy to spend time with them :) Without a doubt in our minds, we know these images will make you smile! Even if you have never heard of or had the chance to meet Matt & Katie, all you need to know is that their hearts are enormous and they are two of the most genuine people we have ever photographed/hosted/hung out with :)

Love | K&B