Lesley & Jason are FUN, energetic, creative, and 100% original!! We truly feel like we won the lottery because these two entered our lives and allowed us to photograph their wedding day. We walked away from our first coffee date with them after we saw how much energy there was between them, and again during their engagement session, just two weeks before their wedding. These two are real. They LOVE each other. They have hearts of gold and make it impossible for you not to laugh right along with them. And we are SO thankful for the connection we have with them, because the way they opened up in front of our cameras is absolutely beautiful! L&J planned their wedding day from the ground up! No detailed was overlooked. Their altar. Her bouquet. Plates, silverware, glasses. Lights, doors, signs & funiture. MUSIC! (The two of them wrote their own music for their ceremony processional & their wedding party introductions!) They even constructed a bar in Lesley's parents backyard that we swear we are going to swing by yet this summer and see if they're serving! The task was monumental, but with their friends and families help, the environment that was created could not have been more perfect to tell each other that they would be there for each other forever.

We are giddy with excitement for Lesley & Jason and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for choosing us to tell their love story!!!

Love | K&B

// Film: Fuji Pro 400H // Cameras: Contax 645 / Nikon F100 / Nikon D800 //

Ceremony & Reception: Private Residence of Lesley's parents home  |  Florist: Janet from Evolutions in Design  |  Officiant: Melissa Kampmann, Lesley's Mom's co-worker who jokingly said she would marry them!  |  Caterer: Dave & Rhyne of Sweet & Savory  |  Cake Artist: Teri of Sweet Nothings  |  Hair Stylist: Bride did her own, Bridesmaids by Tracy at Studio E  |  Tent: Rented from AC and Sons of Wausau  |  Tables & Chairs: MEC Rental of Wausau |  Blue Table Linens & Napkins: Total Rental of Wausau  |  Ivory Lace Table Runners: LinenTableCloth  |  Paper Goods: Paperista of Edina, MN (Lesley & Jason helped with design creations)  |  Bride's Dress: Justin Alexander from Bridal Accents Couture in Savage, MN. Lesley made it into a sweetheart neckline.  |  Bride's Shoes: LuLu Townsand from DWS. Toe decor made of chiffon with help from Bridesmaid, Courtney.  |  Bride's Veil: BeSomethingNew Etsy shop from California.  |  Two pins in Bride’s hair: Made by Bride from old earrings into clips.  |  Bride & Groom's Rings: Knox Jewelry in Uptown MN. Custom made Bride’s engagement ring by Bride & Groom together.  |  Groom/Groomsmen Suit: Express - Groom bought all of his parties suits as their present!  |  Bow ties: Ruche  |  Groom’s tie: H&M  |  Groom’s cufflinks: from his Great Uncle Tom.  |  Bridesmaid dresses: by Pins and Needles from Urban Outfitters  |  Bridesmaid shoes: Audrey Brooke Skylar Wedge from DSW  |  Bridesmaid belts: made by the Bride  |  Bridesmaid bouquets: made by Bride & her Mom, Mary  |  Bride's bouquet: made by Lesley with pins/pendants that received previously as gifts from her Mom and others collected from Corner Store in Uptown MN and local Wausau vintage stores. Assembled with help from friend, Kaitlin.  |  Bathrooms: Bucky's Rental of Madison  |  Place cards: made by Jason, Bride's Dad & Chelsea - Jason made flowers, Dad made leaves, Chelsea wrote names  |  Straws with name tags (supposed to be in the sauce jars with signature drink... but it rained!): triangles made by Bride & Kaitlin, names written by Chelsea, assembled by bridal party  | Table Numbers: White frames from Target, fabric from JoAnn Fabrics, wood numbers from Hobby Lobby and painted by Jason, Lesley & Mary  |  Food menus & Signage: Frames from Ikea painted by Jason & Nick Townley, assembled by Lesley's family  |  Vintage Flatware & 350+ Plates: Collected over past year by Lesley's parents from various vintage stores, Goodwills, Consignment sores.  | 30 Vintage Doors: From Aunt's friends' house & Abbotsford where Lesley's Dad saw a sign and ventured to find them!  |  Guest Book: Groom's Mother’s old registry log form Big Bay Hotel (no longer open) in New York. Every time she has a party she puts it out for everyone to sign!  |  "Wedding", "Lesley & Jason", and Reception Wooden Direction Signs: Wood cut by Bride's Dad, painted by Bride’s Maid of Honor, Chelsea Dainelson. Ceremony flags of Bride & Groom's profiles: made by Curtis Jepsen (Chelsea’s boyfriend) made the images with flags from WindSensations  |  150+ Blue ball jars: collected by Bride's Mom from vintage stores across WI  |  300+ Tin cans: collected by family & friends, painted by Bride & her family  |  450 Ball jars hanging in tent: made by Bride's Dad and Uncle Joe, hung by Groom, best men & family  |  Twigs on tent: cut by Lesley's Dad, wrapped around tent poles by Lesley & Jane Maas  |  All blue books: collected by Bride's parents from Wausau Library + Bride and Groom from Savers and Goodwill in MN  |  Cupcake tiers: made by Bride from plates, cups, trays etc. purchased from MN Goodwills  |  Cupcake ribbon backdrop:  made by Groom and Groom’s friend Jason Jenkins with ribbon from  |  Tulle Pom Poms: made by Bride, tulle purchased from Amazon  |  Strawberry Freezer Jam Favor: made by Bride’s Mom & family in  June of 2011  |  Chandelier above appetizers: purchased from Evolutions, blue wine bottles collected by Aunt Barbie from 101 Pub  |  Sign carried by Cousin Laine: made by Lesley, Laine, and MOH Chelsea  |  Glass milk jugs on tables: bought from Target in MN (Bride & Groom drank milk for half a year) and by Aunt Peggy from Trigs in Wausau

Bride's Jewelry: Earrings belong to Bride’s Mother. Two silver bracelets Bride wears every day, blue bracelet and silver bought for Lesley by her Mom years ago. Pearl necklace worn as a bracelet belongs to Brides Grandmother, Helen Weisenberger. Three diamond ring band was a gift from the Groom over the years of dating - gave her one at a time on special occasions and Lesley has them soldered together to make one ring.

Ceremony backdrop: Doors made by Bride, Groom & Bride’s Dad, assembled by Jason. Paper flowers made by Bride & Groom with help from Bride’s friend, Kaitlin Hughes Townley. It took about 5 months to make 14 strands of garland with supplies from JoAnn. Lesley got the idea from a wedding website that was selling them for $2,000 and figured she could make it! Did so for about $30! Branch is from our tree in the front yard, blown down by a storm.

Ceremony aisle decor: Made with branches from tree in our Bride & Groom's front yard in MN. Wine bottles from local Bars in Wausau, Big Bull Falls & the 101 Pub. Bride wrapped the wine bottles with the twigs. Bride’s friends placed in the ground.

Head Table Backdrop:  Crafts made by Lesley including: Pinwheels made by Bride, Bride’s friend Kaitlin Hughes Townley & cousin Laine. Tissue pom poms made by Lesley. Circle garland made by Lesley, her Aunts & Cousin Samantha. Frames collected by Bride & Mom from various Goodwills, second hand stores, vintage stores. The “B” was bought from JoAnn Fabrics and painted by the Bride. The triangle banners were made by Bride, Bride Aunt Peggy & Cousin Samantha, assembled by Lesley.

"Living Room" furniture & decor: Couch found on the side of the road! Chairs & end table found at Goodwill. Trunk Bride's mom found at a vintage store. Buffet table was Uncles Mom’s (Pearl) from the 50’s. Mirror from Aunt Patti. Knick Knacks (throughout Wedding) collected by Bride & Bride’s Mother from various vintage stores, etc. Lace curtains purchased from Amazon.

"Gentleman's Tent" furniture, decor, glassware & cigars: Jason’s surprise for the day! Brown velvet chair found at Hunt & Gather in Edina, MN. Wine chest mom found at a vintage store in Wisc Rapids.  Pictures Bride found at Savers in MN. Bike wheel found in Bride’s alleyway in MN. Buffet table donated by a Mom’s co-worker.  Wine corks collect by Bride’s Mom. All blue books (throughout Wedding) bought from Wausau Library and Bride collected from various stores in MN. Window frames in tent donated by Bride’s Aunt Patti. Whiskey decanters & whiskey glasses purchased from Hunt & Gather in MN.  Cigars bought at a local smoke shop in Uptown MN, Golden Leaf. Bride’s Dad, Scott also bought cigars from a local tobacco shop in Wausau, WI.

"Bar": Made by Bride’s Dad & Aunt Barbie’s boyfriend, Bob. Had a “Whiskey” side & a “Beer” side. Bar equipment from Streich Equipment, top of the bar from Bob - old wood cut from trees about 30 years ago, and never used. The Bar Structure was already existing as the Bride’s Father’s vegetable garden. All wine, beer & alcohol bottles collected by parents and Aunt Barbie from Big Bull Falls and the 101 Pub. They were siliconed down by Bride and Bride’s cousin, Laine. Dried hydrangeas from parents garden, dried from last year. Chalkboards from Aunt Patti (Dad’s Sister). Fabric to cover bar from Bloomingdale’s close out sale, hung by Jason, Jason’s mom and Lesley’s Dad. Yarn balls (that died from the rain!) were made by Lesley, Lesley’s parents, Courtney, Chelsea, and cousin Laine. Had to share this because they took a full day to make!

Ceremony & Grand March music:  All made by the Groom! Ceremony music is called: “Waltz for her.” Grand March “These are our Friends (We Got Married).” Lesley & Jason wrote their own words for their party members for “These are our Friends” and recorded it together.