After several chats and a date at our favorite restaurant in Wausau, we had no doubt that Katie & Kevin were a couple we would be lucky to photograph :) They are passionate, authentic, and easy to fall in love with! When it came time for their engagement session, the sincere details they planned to work into their photos warmed our hearts! As we arrived to Katie's grandparents' farm near Iola we started to do a little happy dance in our car as we got a glimpse of the classic barn and old towering trees, but it wasn't until we really got into the session that we discovered all the charm of the land :) We had a picnic in a beautiful field with the sun dipping below the trees, complete with a framed photograph of Katie's grandparents, a (delicious) rhubarb pie from her Grandpa's favorite bakery, and her Grandma's vintage bowl filled with cherries :) Assuring that her Grandparents were still a part of her wedding excitement, she also wore the earrings her Grandmother donned on their wedding day as well as her Grandfather's belt! We were absolutely loving all of the thought these two put into their engagement photos ~ it is so fitting for the sweet personalities of Katie and Kevin!!

After a cute little picnic, the four of us hiked the property line until we found a rustic little bridge, and we happened to cross paths with a massive snapper turtle!! Katie was quick to put her ring on its shell for a photo, and we had to remind Butch that there was an engagement session going on and he would need to stop photographing the turtle! ;)

The session ended at a picnic table next to Katie's grandparents' home with a slice of rhubarb pie for each of us! We are SO excited to have spent such a perfect evening with one of the sweetest couples and cannot wait for their wedding day next March! :)

Love | K&B