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We absolutely love Door County weekends! Whether it's time visiting Butch's family or spending a weekend away with friends, the memories we create in the County are some of our favorites. There's a sense of freedom that comes with exploring this charming & breathtaking part of our beautiful home state!! Even though it's just two hours from our humble abode, we always feel like we're on vacation while visiting Door County. Maybe it's because we have next to zero cell service while we're there, or because it's where Butch grew up and "there's no place like home", or just maybe it's because the GIANT smile we see creep across Parker's face as he runs countless laps and lives the life of a "wilder-pup" is the best thing ever? :) Whatever the reason, we always feel the need to capture our time spent exploring! If you've never been to Door County, GO. And shoot us a message before you do!! We'll tell you all of our favorite places, maybe we'll even clue you in on the super private, tucked-away trail we hiked on with our dear friends Anna & Paul on this fall's Door County weekend ;)

Love | Kelsy & Butch

All images captured on film with Contax 645 or Hasselblad 500cm on Fuji 400H.