You know those friends who you can completely be yourself around? The ones who you are always excited to see and missing when it's been over a week? Your double dates, whether cozied up at one of your places with games and yummy apps or out at your favorite restaurant, are always filled with effortlessly entertaining and completely genuine conversation... Laughter fills the room and your cheeks hurt at the end of the night from all of that laughing and smiling... You would do absolutely anything for them and know that they can say the exact same thing about you. Well, we are so blessed to have friends like this, and we cherish them more than words can possibly describe :) For the last seven months we have been cheerleaders to the two of them as they prepare for their first baby, a sweet little boy named Lennon who is due to join their little family on May 20th! Lennon doesn't know it yet, but he is already so blessed with the most incredible parents who love him to the moon and back!!! We cannot wait to meet Lennon and are bursting with excitement for Sara and Brian!! Earlier this month on the most perfectly snowy Saturday, we waddled our way into a field of more than a foot of untouched snow and had so much fun creating these beautiful maternity photos together!! Sara was absolutely glowing, and we feel so lucky to have captured her overwhelming love for the little man inside of her :) Brian was out of town, but he will be making an appearance in her next maternity session in just a few weeks! Happy weekend, friends :D

Love | K&B

Sara, you are the most beautiful Mommy-to-be!!!