Two awesome Australian photographers in WAUSAU... Really?? We were absolutely blown away when we found out Matt & Katie were visiting our cute little town to teach a workshop! Jodi & Marie reached out to M&K in hopes that they would include a stop in Wausau in their first workshop tour through the States & Canada and, AMAZINGLY, they were more than happy to! Matt and Katie are from a very small town in Australia, but their presence in the wedding photography industry is quite massive. Because of their small town roots, they were keen on the idea of visiting any and every small town that expressed interest in their workshop! We had been internet friends with the Australian pair since 2009 and were excited to spend a little time together when they came through Wausau. As it turned out, we were able to offer our home to the two of them while they were here in August, and even contribute our time filming their two-day workshop! Due to a last minute change in plans the workshop actually took place in our studio, and we had fun working with Marie & Jodi to make it the best experience possible for all of the attendees involved. Jodi & Marie put in hours upon hours of coordinating and planning everything out with Matt & Katie, and we were truly honored to have it take place in our studio. From the models to the food and partnering wedding vendors, they ensured that the workshop went off without a hitch!

Matt and Katie were SO giving and happy to share everything they've learned in the last several years of their business -- absolutely essential information for new photographers that otherwise would have to learn these things the hard way! Information that schools don't teach. Plain & simple action steps that every attendee could implement into their business as soon as they got home! From our perspective behind the filming of their workshop, we can truly attest to the quality and sincerity that these two bring to their workshop. It's not "fluff and look at us", it's this is how we do it and this is what works for us, here's how it can work for you.

We had heaps of fun with Matt & Katie and all of the attendees while they were here and are super grateful to have made so many new friends!! We hope you enjoy this little glimpse into a studio full of photographers learning how it's done!

Love | K&B

// Film: Fuji Pro 400H // Camera: Nikon F100 //

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group photo by one of the models // two photos of us by Marie