PUMPKINS & APPLES! / by Kelsy & Butch McCartney

Fall. Does it get any better?!? We always say fall is our favorite time to be alive :) We LIVE for autumn's crisp air, vibrant colors, comfort food, and extra-long walks! Easily at the top of this list are our annual apple picking and pumpkin hunting adventures with Parker. This year we sort of missed the boat on apple picking (I know, I know... terrible!!), so we decided to include a little game of apple-fetch into our pumpkin date. Parker LOVES playing ball and could honestly play all day... what he doesn't like is biting into an apple to bring it back to us, so it makes for a tough game for him although an entertaining one for us! Simply running up and down the rows & rows of trees or through the pumpkin patch makes him the smiliest pup we know, which makes us the happiest Kelsy & Butch we know. :) Here are a few images from this year's outing at Helene's Orchard, perfectly timed to allow us to also wish you all a wonderful Halloween! 

Love, Kelsy & Butch

Images captured with Contax 645 on Ektar 100 film.