ONE WEEK WITH PARKER / by Kelsy & Butch McCartney

While we don't have any kids yet, we sure feel like our little baby is growing up way too fast!! The last week flew by and Parker has already doubled in size right before our eyes! He is now climbing up/down stairs, hurdling over & weaving through every obstacle in the room, and learning to "sit" & "come". Parker has also gained quite a few nicknames, such as "Parker the pint-sized pup", "P-funk", and "Little man"... Any guesses who gave him which names?? ;) And about the ribbons... this was sadly their last time to shine! Moments after this photo was taken, we realized that they were no longer suitable for a session because while we thought Parker was sitting there and being adorable, he was actually making a puddle on our pretty ribbons. Oh, the life of a puppy!

Love | K&B

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"Parker McCartney", Parker, Cavapoo