It was a rainy morning, and we fidgeted in our desk chair as we contemplated what the weather might be like in Madison around 4:00pm. Melissa & Brandon were likely doing the same thing! After a series of emails bouncing back & forth from our inbox to theirs, we decided to just go for it!! With coffee in hand and a looming threat of rain ahead, we packed our cameras & wellies and pointed our car south. When we arrived to Maple Bluff Beach the fog was so deep that you couldn't even see the Capitol, which is usually in clear sight from the beautiful shoreline! But we were so excited when the almost-eerie scene made for the most incredible photos!!

Melissa & Brandon are adorable together. She's a pint-sized happy little lady, and Brandon had no problem wrapping her up to keep his bride-to-be warm. Aside from music & singing, one of Melissa & Brandon's shared passions is beer. They brew their own and we wouldn't be surprised in the least if someday these two will open up their own brewery! Atop a blanket made by Melissa, they cheers'd and enjoyed a pint from Capital Brewery in glasses carefully selected for the occasion by Brandon. :)

This damp Wednesday evening in Madison left all four of us even MORE excited for Melissa & Brandon's June 2014 wedding at the Rothschild Pavilion! Cheers to many good things coming soon!!

Love | Kelsy & Butch

All images captured on film with Contax 645 on Fuji 400H.