A Valentine's Day in the Mountains. Really, could it get any more perfect than that!? We were beyond thrilled to spend a day exploring the massive Colorado mountains we were surrounded by! After grabbing a coffee at a little shop we fell in love with and "adopted" as our own for the week, we hopped in the truck and headed West. Evergreen was calling with giant snowflakes slowly floating down from the sky, and with loaded cameras & excitement running all the way through our toes we were on our way to answer! The mountains have a way of rendering us speechless, so we would love to share a peek (ha! no pun intended ;) at our lovely Valentine's Day surrounded by the Rockies!! Love | K&B

PS - Wondering what we did with the rest of our days in Denver? Check it out over here! :)

// Film: Fuji Pro 400H // Camera: Contax 645 & Hasselblad 500cm //

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