O' CHRISTMAS TREE / by Kelsy & Butch McCartney


It was like we were LIVING in a Christmas movie. We both decided to indulge in a holiday beverage on our daily trip to our favorite coffee shop and were thoroughly enjoying the holiday tunes pumping out of Butch's truck's speakers. Parker was wearing his favorite holiday sweater, it was a wonderful Tuesday afternoon, and we were driving deep into the East side of Wausau to hunt for our Christmas tree! If you happen to follow us on Instagram here or here, you know that our faces couldn't hide one bit of the excitement we felt because, after all, this is one of our FAVORITE days of the entire year!! After borrowing a saw from the sweet attendant at Highland Trees, we were driving through miles and miles of trees and gawking out the window like tourists to find the perfect spot to start our search. After years of different Fir trees (Fraiser, Concolour, etc), we were in the mood for a Blue Spruce and were determined to find it. We finally made our way to the Spruce neighborhood and, we kid you not, the MOMENT we stepped foot out of the truck, it started SNOWING big fluffy flakes! It was as if someone up high in the sky flipped the switch, and we were blissfully tree hunting in a winter wonderland. :) After a little picture-taking, lots of searching and measuring with our arms, and non-stop smiling at Parker as he did mega sprints through countless trees, we found THE ONE. His name is Jack, and he is currently hanging out in our living room, all dressed up in silver and gold.

Traditions, pictures, cozy nights by the fire, Christmas movies, more cookies than any of us need, and holiday get-togethers... We hope this holiday season is just as joy-filled for you and yours!

Love, Kelsy & Butch


Images captured with Contax 645 on Ektar 100.