OUR BRAND NEW BRAND!! / by Kelsy & Butch McCartney

"The McCartneys Photography", "Meet the McCartneys", "Husband and Wife Photography Team", "Wisconsin Film Photographers", "Film Wedding Photographers", "Husband and Wife Film Photographers", "Central Wisconsin Wedding Photographers", "Wausau Wisconsin Wedding Photographers", "Weddings on Film", "Contax 645 Wedding Photographers", "Hasselblad Wedding Photographers" This wedding season marks our fifth as a full-time husband and wife team. In late 2008 & early 2009 we decided that this is the world that we were meant to be in, and there wasn't ever going to be a better time to dive in than right then! We sort of just took a leap, and we haven't looked back since!!! Thinking back now, it wasn't even so much a "decision" to be made – there was no question or thought that we wanted to do anything else. We simply followed where our hearts were telling us to go!

Our look has been steadily evolving from the beginning, while always staying true to who were are. Our style is classic, organic, bright & happy, and having a brand that reflected that has always been a priority! Over the last 3 years, we felt a shift in our "look" that was heading even deeper in the direction of classic and organic! The color palette that we've been striving towards in our photos has been increasingly soft, pastel and airy. Part of that is because of our switch back to film as the medium in which we capture our photos, and part is us striving for a particular fine art style that we've completely fallen in love with! It feels like this change has been a year in the making, but we are SO excited to show off our new look!

Searching for an artist to help us bring our ideas to life was a process in and of itself! We wanted our new look to be created as a hand made piece of art, but also reflect our style and compliment the images that we create. When we found Hazel Wonderland we wholeheartedly fell in L-O-V-E!! Meredith is a true artist; she creates her work by illustrating, painting, calligraphy, design and visual composing. We were immediately head-over-heels with her soft watercolor work and beautiful calligraphy style!! With the biggest smiles on our faces, we reached out to Meredith and began working with her early this year, and the process had us sprinting to our computers & phones everytime she had something new for us to look at! What you see above is the final Creative Palette that our brand will be molded around. We have had so much EXCITEMENT to share these past few months that keeping our mouths shut has been SO HARD!!! AHHH!!!! So here you have it! We only felt it right to compliment our fresh coat of paint and new brand with updated wedding & portrait galleries, and even put on our fanciest clothes and smiled at the camera for our favorite photographer, Laura Ivanova! We hope you feel that this look fits us as much as we do!! Please look around and send us a message with your thoughts, we would LOVE to hear from you!!

Love | Kelsy & Butch :D