When we really sit down and think about it, the moments we are invited to capture for a family are incredible. We're blown away by the honor that it is to document the love within a family.

The first glance you exchange as a husband and wife with eyes that say a thousand words and "I love you's". The loving way you hold your newborn baby, so gently, so overcome with a love you didn't know you could feel. The belly laughter you share during a family portrait session as your little ones let their personalities shine for us to capture. The way you watch your soon-to-be high school graduate pose for her senior portraits while thinking to yourself "I can't believe you're about to go out into the world; just yesterday I held you in my arms!"

... all of these moments of love and life, captured artfully and preserved forever. A photograph so easily becomes more than an image or a print. It's a treasure. A story. An heirloom that will be a part of your family history and passed down for generations, just as our parents, grandparents & their parents have before us.

Let's continue live a life filled to the brim with love. But along the way with how busy our days-weeks-months are, let's not forget to live a life that is also well documented so that our memories never live far away. Fleeting moments come right back while holding a printed photograph in your hands. As time passes, families grow & change and loved ones make their way up to Heaven. Universally, we all appreciate photographs even more with time. And, both personally & professionally, we can attest to this. We've seen the power of an image, and it's part of why we are truly blessed to call this passion of ours a 'job'. A moment... a photo that overwhelmingly captures the spirit of the one you love. The way a photograph warms your heart, and the overwhelming gratitude that we were able to capture their spirit and preserve those moments forever.

So, this holiday (and all year round!) take lots of pictures, both yourself and with a professional! Print your photographs, display them, and have albums made to sit on your shelf or coffee table. It's the first thing us & everyone we know wants to pick up when visiting a loved one's home! :)

Love, Kelsy & Butch


All photographs captured on medium format film with Contax 645, Hasselblad 500cm or Pentax 67.