A NORTHWOODS ADVENTURE / by Kelsy & Butch McCartney

Driving into the Northwoods brings us an immediate sense of ease, contentment, and happiness. As tall pines start to take over and line the roads, any worry or stress is forgotten. For us, Northern Wisconsin also means FAMILY. It's where we celebrate part of our Christmas and spend time with loved ones. 

On this particular weekend, a snowshoe adventure was on the agenda! After preparing delicious & savory bites and treats, we dove into our outdoor gear and strapped on our snowshoes. With a group seventeen-strong, we trekked through snow-covered private trails on a balmy 37 degree winter day. Despite a few minutes of excitement after a few of us broke through the ice covering a creek, we all survived! ;) With laughter filling the woods, we arrived at our final destination, the cabin, and couldn't wait to kick back for a night of games, cheersing, and fun!

Here are a few images from our woodsy outing in Peeksville, WI. As you can see, Parker quite enjoyed himself and led the pack! :) We're already looking forward to next year's snowshoe weekend!!


Kelsy & Butch

Images captured on Pentax 67 and Contax 645 with Ektar 100 film.