FAMILY, LOVE & POLKA DANCING! / by Kelsy & Butch McCartney

Isn't it wonderful how as you grow older, your family members truly become your best friends? We've been blessed with the most FUN, genuine, entertaining, and loving families we could imagine!! From trips to Door County to cookout with Butch's family to adventures in Wisconsin's Northwoods or a beach-filled trip to New Jersey to visit with my (Kelsy's) family, we hold those moments extra close to our hearts. Especially when we don't get to see them all the time, especially when the room is filled with laughter & story-telling all from your closest family, and ESPECIALLY when polka music is involved! ;) Just a few weeks ago we were "off" on a Saturday, and it wasn't just any ordinary Saturday. It was my Grandma & Grandpa's 60th wedding anniversary party in Glidden, WI, and we weren't going to miss it for anything!!

After visiting with everyone in the room and cutting the cake just like they did on their wedding day, my Grandma & Grandpa let us give them a little mini photo session, and these images already hold SO much meaning! Photograph two people who have loved each other for 60 years and brought so many awesome people into this world set my heart on FIRE! It was adorable seeing the two of them love on each other in front of our cameras and I couldn't help but think, I can only hope that Butch & I are this adorable when we're celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary!! :)

Next came a fun surprise for Grandma & Grandpa: a live polka band and, of course, a room full of Hoppe's ready to hit the dance floor!! There's just something about the polka. It automatically brings giant laughs & smiles, and we had so much fun hopping around all night!

Life is short. Squeeze the ones you love, and take pictures all the time!!

Love | Kelsy (& Butch)

// Film: Fuji Pro 400H // Camera: Contax 645 //