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DOOR COUNTY PORTRAITS | ANNA & PAUL by Kelsy & Butch McCartney

The JOY these two bring everywhere they go is enough to make us smile as we sit here and type about them! :) While enjoying a wintery Door County weekend with Anna & Paul just last month, we were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous evening. Naturally, we couldn't help but think about how stunning the light was as it fell over the field behind Butch's parents house, so we were thrilled that these two were up for a little impromptu photo session!! 

Anna & Paul have been married for two & a half years and we've had the absolute pleasure of photographing them many times from their engagement & wedding to a family session, and even as models during a gorgeous brunch editorial shoot (styled by Anna herself at A.Styled Event!!). Having their happy faces in front of our cameras simply fills us with happiness!!! Not only are we thankful to have them as dear friends, we're also grateful that they put up with us and our little spontaneous photo sessions. We actually told them they were having their photos taken while they were already driving up to Door County. HA!! Who needs to plan?! :)

Love you two, Anna & Pablo!!


Kels & Butch

PS: Check out the fun GoPro video of Anna & Paul's session to see us all in action!

Door County portrait photography captured in Jacksonport on medium format film. Cameras: Contax 645 and Pentax 67. Film: Fuji Pro 400H.


We are ridiculously excited to share these images with you! Amanda & Tyler are a part of our family and we are very lucky to call these two gorgeous human beings "cousins." :) Their relationship is one that we've been able to see grow from the very beginning, and thinking about the fact that Tyler & Amanda are now starting a family of their own makes us smile SO big!! :) They are awaiting Baby Carson's arrival (in just over a month!!), and we cannot wait to meet him! 

A giant thank you to these two for taking time to play with us and our cameras to create these images together :) Love you guys!!


Kels & Butch

Wausau maternity photography captured on medium format film. Cameras: Contax 645 & Pentax 67. Film: Fuji Pro 400H, Ilford 3200, Delta HP5.

A NORTHWOODS ADVENTURE by Kelsy & Butch McCartney

Driving into the Northwoods brings us an immediate sense of ease, contentment, and happiness. As tall pines start to take over and line the roads, any worry or stress is forgotten. For us, Northern Wisconsin also means FAMILY. It's where we celebrate part of our Christmas and spend time with loved ones. 

On this particular weekend, a snowshoe adventure was on the agenda! After preparing delicious & savory bites and treats, we dove into our outdoor gear and strapped on our snowshoes. With a group seventeen-strong, we trekked through snow-covered private trails on a balmy 37 degree winter day. Despite a few minutes of excitement after a few of us broke through the ice covering a creek, we all survived! ;) With laughter filling the woods, we arrived at our final destination, the cabin, and couldn't wait to kick back for a night of games, cheersing, and fun!

Here are a few images from our woodsy outing in Peeksville, WI. As you can see, Parker quite enjoyed himself and led the pack! :) We're already looking forward to next year's snowshoe weekend!!


Kelsy & Butch

Images captured on Pentax 67 and Contax 645 with Ektar 100 film.


When we arrived to Baby Emmett's house on his 18th day of life, a smile crept over our faces and it was stuck there for several hours after his session. :) Born three weeks early at 5 pounds 12 ounces, Emmett is an adorable little peanut with lots & lots of blonde hair! 

We are lucky to count his Mom & Dad, Nicole & Eric, as great friends of ours, and we were so excited to meet their little sweetheart!! In the months leading up to Emmett Ryan's arrival, the four of us chatted about all things life, nursery planning, pregnancy, parenthood, and BABY, so we couldn't wait to see them in their new role as parents for the first time!

With ease and grace, Nicole & Eric bathed baby Emmett as soon as we arrived, and then we dove into their session. From Emmett's darling nursery to Nicole & Eric's bedroom, light was pouring in around the three of them as they loved on one another. We absolutely adore the time we were able to spend with this sweet family and hope they will look back on and cherish these images for countless years to come!! 


Kelsy & Butch

Newborn photography in Wausau, Wisconsin captured on film. Cameras used: Contax 645, Pentax 67 & Rolleiflex 3.5c. Film used: Fuji Pro 400H & Ilford 3200.


In our eyes, black & white is as timeless as it gets. Photographing moments, details, and portraits on black and white film immediately brings back memories of flipping through our parents and grandparents' old photographs printed with classic white borders. These images have such an authentic storytelling quality about them that it makes us want to photograph an entire wedding day in black & white!! Of course, we also love the images we capture in color, but we thought it would be fun to share with you some of our favorite black & white film photos from our 2014 wedding season. We hope you enjoy! (and, if you'd like us to photograph your wedding day in all black and white... just let us know ;)

Love, Kelsy & Butch

All images captured on film. Cameras used: Contax 645, Pentax 67, Hasselblad 500cm, Rolleiflex 3.5c, Nikon F100 and Holga 120. Film used: Ilford 3200, HP5, PanF 50, and Tri-X 400.